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Computer Science

Women are perpetually under represented in Computer Science, and as an all-girls school we are particularly well-suited to address the deficit.Technology is a natural part of teaching and learning here.

National Coalition of Girls' Schools research shows that girls' school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider technology careers compared to girls who attend coed schools.

十大彩票平台 graduates are well-prepared for a future expanded by opportunities to learn beyond the walls of their classroom, by seamless access to information, and by teachers who appreciate the creative possibilities inherent in technology.

Dynamic and engaging teachers will always be the most important component of a 十大彩票平台 education but full technology integration offers additional resources for creative instruction.

Computer Science Department Chair
Beth Adamczyk

Course Descriptions

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Trimester Electives

Online Courses for 十大彩票平台 Credit

One Schoolhouse, also known as Online School for Girls, is a collaborative network of private schools dedicated to enhancing their broad educational programs with courses that may not be available on their own campuses. Students from 十大彩票平台 have been taking advantage of learning opportunities offered by One Schoolhouse since 2009. The classes are tailored to individual needs, based on competency, and are driven by the learners themselves. Consistent and open communication is maintained between One Schoolhouse and our Dean of Students to ensure a cohesive educational experience. To enroll in these courses, students must have the approval of 十大彩票平台's Computer Science Dept.

Research shows that female students who take AP computer science are more likely to major in computer science in college compared to female students of similar background and academic preparation who didn't take AP computer science courses.